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Our strategy
  1. Covering the present and future needs of iron and steel industries in Egypt from metallurgical coke.  
  2. Covering the needs of metallurgical, chemical, food industries and others with metallurgical and foundry coke and other products.
  3. maximum utilization of  by-products via integration in manufacturing units to create a strong base of basic chemicals industries which cover most  of state needs from these chemicals with concentration on choice of producing products which give high added value.
  4. Acquiring apportion in the international and Arabic markets from sales of coke ( of all kinds ) , chemicals and by products and trying to enlarge this portion in the shade of a huge worldwide competition.
  5. Diversifying sources of supplying coal which is considered the basic raw material for the coke company to avoid risks of dependence on the lone supplier and  to obtain best prices and supply conditions .
  6. To activate the role of research and development ( R&D) by utilizing the potential local raw materials e.g use of local . Coal to reduce imported coal consumption which results in decreasing production cost with concentration on producing a mix of numerous products of high economic value to improve company's economics and avoiding dependence on the traditional products.
  7. to reduce the production cost through rationalizing the use of raw materials, energy and other indirect costs methodizing the state's policy of producing high quality and low price products able competition in international markets.
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