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Over a period of 45 years Al Nasr company for coke and chemicals ( chemicoke )  has been contributing to all branches of national economy through its wide range of products finding applications in numerous sectors and utilities such as metallurgical , military , chemicals , food industrial sectors , construction , agriculture and research sectors and other miscellaneous sectors .

Some of these products are exported allover the world . the products of coke company have been obtained from three major plants :

  1. coke and chemicals  plant :

    Which consists of two  lines for coke production and two lines for chemicals production related to the mentioned coke production units which are known by " coke batteries" in which coke blend  is processed .
    The first coke line consists of two batteries 50 ovens each and they have the same capacity of 320.000 ton coke / year , while the second coke line consists of larger two batteries  65 ovens each and they have the same capacity of 550,000 ton / year . the chemicals production lines clean coke oven gas (C.O.G) by extracting  tar and chemicals as by products to produce high selling value products like ammonium sulphate (20.6% nitrogen ) - crude benzol , before directing this gas to nitrate plant as basic raw  material and coke ovens (  as a fuel ) for heating . Coke is considered the main product and produced with different sizes according to customer's requests in the different fields of applications.
    The plant products which are exported - beside covering local needs , coke and crude benzol .
    The basic raw material used in coke plant is coal which is procured from its potential products in the three continentals, Europe, Australia and North America to safeguard coal supplies which are shipped to Alexandriaand received at " coal pier" which is affiliated to chemicoke and then transported to the plant at El-Tabbin by railway trains and Nile barges and trucks
  2. Tar plant:

    The raw material used in this plant is coal tar which is by product from coking process. The tar is processed in this plant to obtain numerous valuable products like electrode pitch, anthracene oil, black carbon, creosote oil, naphthalene and others the last two products and electrode pitch are exported abroad among Coke Co. exports.
  3. Nitrate plant:

    This plants has been constructed to reuse the hazardous C.O.G effluent from coking process, and which is considered the basic raw material for production of nitrogenous products like nitric acid (dil) and porous ammonium nitrate and other .
    Among products of high value and quality which are exported aboard and acquired good reputation ammonium bicarbonate (edible grade ) and pure ammonium nitrate ( 34.8 % n2 ) .
    The company includes a fully equipped department for quality control where raw material intermediates and final products are thoroughly inspected .
    Al nasr coke has established since four decades an efficient department for ( r & d ) for producing new products since among company's targets is to develop and increase production mix. The co. succeeded to produce some of these materials like concrete additives ( f,g,d ) ammonium phosphate solution , pure sodium nitrate and other laboratory chemicals .
    The co. has great efforts in fields of environmental production and energy conservation . among these efforts construction of biological treatment unit in 1990 for industrial liquid disposal and construction of electric generator in 1987 ( power 3.2 megawatt ) to reduce electricity consumption.

The  co. includes a department for projects , performs projects study and takes part in its execution -starting from its acceptance as idea till its operation .
Chemicoke obtained many prizes. It was awarded also finally iso 9002 quality certificate in 25 November 1996 and iso 9001/2008in May 2008.

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