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 Al Nasr ... one of the largest manufacturing companies in Egypt and the Middle East and contains four factories:

  1. - Factory coke and chemical categories .
  2. - Factory distillation of coal tar .
  3. - Factory nitrates .
  4. - strategic and multi-purpose unit .

The company was established in 1960, the company began production in 1964 at one battery with 50 oven at annual production capacity 328 000 tonnes metallurgical coke and established the second battery, and production began in 1974 with 50 oven at annual production capacity 328 000 tonnes and established the third battery in 1979 with 65 oven at annual production capacity of 560 000 tonnes and established  the forth battery  in 1993 with 65 oven at annual production capacity of 560 000 tonnes  to be the annual production of metallurgical coke for  four batteries reaches more than 1.6 million tons .
Rebuilt the first battery in 2000 and the second in 2006 and currently we study the re-building the third battery and we expected start operation in 2018.

The company has three piers

  1. The first pier in Alexandria port to export the metallurgical coke and discharge the coal the raw material for coke a daily average about 4000 tons / day capacity of 45 000 tonnes
  2. The second pier in ALDEKHILA port of Alexandria to discharge the coal at daily average about 3000 tons capacity of 100 thousand tons.
  3. The third pier on the Nile to receive barges to transport coke and coal at daily average about 4000 tons / day for shipping  and discharging .

All consumers are welcome and they can find wide range of products beginning Coke various sizes and benzene, ammonia sulfate, ammonium nitrate porous and coal tar pitch ( lumps – pencil ), crude coal tar , naphthalene, nitric acid, Naphthalene, Sodium Toluene Sulphonate,, carbon black oil, creosote oil and many other products used in the fields of agricultural, industrial, mining and chemicals and construction, food and military production and scientific research, the company also covers much of the needs of the national strategic industries company also exports its products to Europe, Asia and America and the Arab countries
For detailed information about Al-Nasr Co. for Coke & Chemicals, kindly visit our web site or directly contact us for more insight on the available opportunities.
Looking forward for an opportunity to serve and excel in light the pursuing mutually beneficial relationship Sustaining and maintaining national and international welfare.

Best Regards                                                                                                                                                                                  C Managing Director (Executive)

Chemist / Gamal Ismail Abul Naga Khalaf Allah   

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